15 Foods and Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy


Now you are pregnant and you may crave for food, that’s normal. You may also want to eat whatever you want as you are  technically eating for two people. But, you’d better be careful and cautious. There are some foods and drinks that should be avoided and limited during pregnancy because of some risks to the safety of your baby. Eating some foods and drinks can increase the harm to your health. Here are 15 foods and drinks every pregnant must avoid. 

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1. Unwashed Vegetables

cabbage seeds
cabbage seeds

No one can deny that vegetables are vital to pregnant women and their babies, but make sure you wash them properly before eating. You may think that the vegetables you buy from the superstore are good and clean, but it could be wrong. Vegetables can be covered by dirt and germs which lead to health problems for you and your baby.


2. High Sodium Foods

sodium in pepperoni pizza
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Pregnant women usually crave salty food, and they consume very high amounts of these foods. You should know that Salty foods may be risky to you and your baby as well, in other words, women who eat foods that are high in sodium may experience water retention and swelling. Doctors recommend consuming less than 2300mg per day of sodium.

3. Alcohol

alcohol rehabilitation
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It is safest not to consume alcohol during pregnancy, not even a single drop. Alcohol can harm you and your baby, experts advice avoiding it also during breastfeeding. It may affect the healthy development of the baby. Some women think that alcohol drinks can be consumed after birth which is wrong. The effects of alcohol can be transferred to your baby through breastfeeding.


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4. Coffee

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Almost everyone consumes coffee daily. However, Doctors advise avoiding coffee during pregnancy.  It contains caffeine which affects the health of your baby. Also, It may lead to miscarriage in the months of pregnancy. There are plenty of drinks to consume instead of coffee. Your baby’s health first.

5. Iced Tea

i tea ice tea ice tea powder lipton yellow label lipton yellow label tea

Who doesn’t like iced tea in the summertime? This drink is fresh and cool but it is not suitable for pregnant women. Like coffee, iced tea contains high levels of caffeine, and as mentioned before, this nutrient can be risky for both women and babies.


6. Unpasteurized Milk

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Because of the bacterium it contains, raw milk is one of the drinks to avoid  during pregnancy. We all agree raw milk is healthy for everyone but not for pregnant women. Listeria monocytogenes, the bacterium found in raw milk causes listeriosis infection that can impact the immune system. This bacterium grows more when raw milk is kept in the refrigerator. So, it is recommended to avoid them.

7. Unpasteurized Cheese

castello cheese cacique queso fresco
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Just the same as unpasteurized milk, unpasteurized cheese may cause bacterial infection. Most of the cheese made in the United States include pasteurized milk, you can try imported cheese such as fresh mozzarella, blue cheese, camembert, and feta, but you should check them before consumption because they usually contain unpasteurized milk. It is highly recommended to double-check the ingredient chart to make sure they are safe for you and your baby.


8. Soft Drinks

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Most people like to have some soft drinks with foods on a bright sunny day or in friends or family gathering, they are refreshing. Yet, pregnant women should be careful about it as they also contain caffeine along with a chemical named quinine. These two components when combined can be extremely risky to pregnant women. What else should a pregnant woman avoid? The following food will surprise you!

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9. Green Tea

dilmah green tea, ceylon, tea
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Surprised? Yes! Even though green tea is highly healthy, but still, it should be avoided during pregnancy. Along with containing caffeine, green tea improves your metabolism, which is already high during pregnancy months. If you like it, consume it in moderation.


10. Foods Containing Trans Fats

avocado fruit tom brady diet sprouts near me fast food restaurants near me
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Trans fats could be harmful, they raise the level of LDL cholesterol; also, it may lead to the lowering of HDL cholesterol in your body. More than this, Trans fats are associated with the increase of infertility and endometriosis over the years.

11. Raw Meat

pulled pork traeger traeger chicken leanest cut of steak
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We all like having meats raw, and most restaurants serve them raw and undercooked. However, pregnant women must avoid such foods because it may lead to contamination. People who experience contamination can have salmonella and bacterial infection which risky to your health.


12. Fish Contain Mercury

peacock fish royal gramma swai mullet fish garfish
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Recent reports proved that mercury impairs your baby’s mental health and nervous system. You’d better avoid some fish types including swordfish, shark, king mackerel, and canned tuna. It is safest to find fish that don’t contain mercury at all. Hence, pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding should stop consuming fish that contain mercury.

13. Raw Eggs

best eggs mcdonald's egg mcmuffin sausage mcmuffin with egg mcdonald's sausage mcmuffin
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Not only raw eggs should be avoided, but also all foods that contain raw eggs because they cause salmonella. A big No, No to salad dressings and Hollandaise sauce because of the big amount of raw eggs they have. So, you should refrain from eating it during pregnancy. You can only have it when it is well cooked.


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14. Foods Having an Undisclosed Amount of Sugar

lactose sugar

Normally things that contain sugar are pretty obvious like cookies, cakes, frozen dessert to call a couple of but sometimes you’ll find sugar in products that you simply can never imagine. The high amount of sugar is usually recommended by doctors to be avoided by every individual, but during pregnancy, it’s also not recommended.

15. Papaya That is Not Ripe

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The green papaya is papaya that’s unripe; hence the probabilities are that it contains latex substance which will trigger contractions. It should be avoided. it’s usually available at Thai restaurants; therefore, take care about what you’re ordering.



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