Top 14 Sur Tests To Find Out The Gender Of Your Baby!


1. Sweet or Salty Cravings
Pregnant women are notorious for having super weird cravings. and that they say that you simply can tell your baby’s gender just by what sort of food you’re craving. If you’re mostly craving sweet foods you’re expecting a woman. While on the opposite hand if you crave mostly salty foods you’re expecting a BOY.

2. Nausea
Have you suffered from horrible nausea during your pregnancy? If so, this is often alleged to be a particular sign that you’re having a woman. But if you were ready to skate through pregnancy without being sick in the least you’re having a BOY.

3. Baby’s pulse
This one is interesting. The tale goes like this. If your baby’s pulse is bigger than 150 times per minute, you’re likely to possess a woman. And if your baby’s heartbeat is a smaller amount than 150 beats per minute you’re probably having a BOY.

4. Breaking Out
Is your skin super clear during this pregnancy? There is a proverb that if you’re having a daughter, she steals your beauty. And if you’re having a boy, they let your beauty show. Now a couple of those old wives’ tales are supported this thought so keep this in mind. So basically if your skin is obvious you’re having a BOY and if your face is roofed in breakouts or blemishes you’re having a woman.

5. Glowing Skin
Once again, baby boys let your beauty shine. So if someone tells you that you simply are glowing, you’re probably having a BOY. And if you look an equivalent as always I assume you’re having a girl.

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6. Soft or Dry Hands
How are your hands feeling? Supposably if your skin is more dry than usual you’ll expect to possess a BOY. And if your skin is silky smooth, you’re having a woman.

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