Stop Doing This Things During Your Pregnancy!


The pregnant woman can celebrate while avoiding some details. Yes, there are prohibitions! So let’s discover the 10 belongings you got to Avoid to save lots of Your Child’s Health

1. Don’t diet in pregnancy
Cutting out food groups may deprive your baby of nutrients they have for growth. rather than dieting, it’s best to

2. No X-rays!
The pregnant woman (even if she isn’t sure of it) should avoid x-rays at the dentist’s or doctor’s office since they will cause fetal malformations. It is vital to inform your doctor before doing this sort of test! If necessary, the specialist will perform this task while taking into consideration the recommended precautions.


3. Forget the litter cleaning!
Do you have a touch cat at home? So it’s Dad who has got to look out of litter cleaning during your pregnancy. Why? To avoid the danger of toxoplasmosis, especially if you’ve got a kitten hunting and eating meat. If you’ve got to wash it, it’s advisable to choose disposable bedding, and particularly to use gloves while washing the hands regularly. It’s very important!

4. Don’t eat Smoked seafood
These salty treats aren’t safe when refrigerated unless they need to be been cooked to 165°F. they will contain Listeria monocytogenes — the bacteria that cause listeriosis, a dangerous condition for you and your baby.

5. Traveling
You should attempt to place the lap portion of your seatbelt as low as possible, closer to your hips than your belly. this may prevent the belt from tightening around your baby just in case of a sudden stop.
And always remember that in pregnancy your concentration gets lower thanks to multiple factors, so drive with extra care, and make certain to take a seat a minimum of 4 inches faraway from the wheel.

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6. Avoid the plane!
After the 27th week of pregnancy, some airlines ask pregnant women to offer them a doctor’s paper, knowing that others might refuse to ship them.


7. Take only mediates suitable for pregnancy!
Forget the small pill that calms headaches, or the one that fights insomnia or unblocks sinuses! you’ll only be ready to take medications suitable for pregnancy. Before taking anything, it’s important to require the recommendation of your doctor.

8. Avoid alcohol, smoking Both alcohol and smoking are very harmful to baby, it can just stop baby development.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is that the worst-case scenario, resulting in severe retardation and other abnormalities. “FAS is linked to birth defects and is the leading known explanation for preventable retardation. it’s characterized by a variety of congenital birth defects which include prenatal and postnatal growth deficiency, facial malformations, central systema nervosum dysfunction, and ranging degrees of major organ system malfunctions. ”

9. Don’t drink (or eat) an excessive amount of caffeine
More than 60% of girls who checked their caffeine intake on our caffeine calculator were surprised to seek out that they were over the limit. High levels of caffeine during pregnancy may result in low birth weight babies, which may increase the danger of health problems in later life. an excessive amount of caffeine has also been linked to miscarriage.


10. Don’t eat soft cheese
These delicacies can contain E. coli or listeria — bacteria which will cause very unpleasant health conditions for you and high problems for your pregnancy. samples of such cheeses include Roquefort, Camembert, Gorgonzola, feta, brie, queso fresco, queso Blanco, and panela if they’re made up of unpasteurized milk.

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